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WorldPoint Products® Baby Tyler® helps you effectively train bystander CPR on diverse and realistic infants. The incredibly lifelike Baby Tyler® replicates the size and movements of a real infant, perfect for training infant CPR.

Provide 2020 AHA guideline compliant CPR feedback without relying on smartphones – the wireless CPR feedback monitor provides feedback on compression depth, rate, and recoil in addition to a post-session test report.

  • Wireless CPR Feedback Monitor:
    • Easily pairs with Baby Tyler® to offer CPR feedback on compression rate, depth, and recoil
    • Standard mode: feedback is visible during practice; view test report after session ends
    • Blind mode: feedback is not visible during practice; view test report after session ends
    • Test report after training available for standard mode and blind mode; get your score out of 100%, 10 seconds after the practice session has finished.
  • High-quality mouthpiece
    • Mouthpiece can be fully disinfected & re-used
  • Features:
    • Realistic head tilt/chin lift
    • Incredibly lifelike movement – movable arms and legs
    • Perform realistic breathing with BVM
    • Oropharyngeal airway placement
    • Fast & easy to set up
    • Realistic anatomical landmarks
    • Compact and lightweight at only 3.42 lbs.


Baby Tyler® includes:

  • 1 Baby Tyler® Infant manikin
  • 4 lung bags
  • 2 mouthpieces
  • 1 wireless CPR feedback monitor
  • 1 set of Baby Tyler® clothing
  • 1 transport bag
  • 9 volt batteries
  • User manual


3-year warranty

This product is non-returnable

The turnaround time is about 24 hours, except for orders placed on Saturday & Sunday

WorldPoint Products® Baby Tyler® – Light Skin

SKU: 77

    CPR. Done Right

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